Press Release: Goes Live

USA, Feb 2, 2023 – Mama In The House officially goes live covering home economics and house politics. Content is solely produced, written, and edited by communications strategist and former marketing executive, AJ T. Cole.

Writer & Editor, AJ T. Cole is no stranger to launching a periodical, launching her first in just the fourth grade. Her unfettered creativity has led her to launch numerous successful (and not-so-successful) businesses, and solve complex problems in life and business. There is just one thing, her life drastically changed due to the unforeseen circumstances that came along with birthing twins at the height of a global pandemic. Mama In the House will amplify overlooked problems that can unwittingly cost people money at home and ultimately at the house.

Prior to the pandemic, AJ worked in senior-level and executive marketing communications roles, even founding and operating her own marketing agency, Mouth Marketing, a bootstrapped solo business that eventually grew to a team of over two dozen. She has been featured at conferences across the continental US, business shows on both radio and television, and has guest lectured at the University of Houston and the University of St. Thomas. Although she does not have a bachelor's degree, AJ attended Indiana University Northwest, and while there she was honored for her leadership in diversity and inclusion. Her original quote is on display in the main hall, "Use your mind, not your eyes." 

A lifelong learner, passionate about continued learning and education, Mama In The House covers hard life lessons that shaped her experience outside of college and aimed at giving readers a perspective to an often ignored segment of the population that is, unfortunately, unable to continue their advanced education due to reasons out of their own control. This is the population most impacted by the paper ceiling, but we are highly educated.

AJ hopes to secure employment with an organization that values alternative learning strategies by showcasing her grit, style, and thought processes on

About Mama In The House
Mama in the House is written by AJ T. Cole, a mother, wife, and writer. The stories and opinions shared in this blog are intended to both provide samples of AJ's writing while offering context and solutions to complex issues that impact everyone at home and in D.C. at the house.

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