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Finding Balance: Why Corporations Can't Have it Both Ways

Based on the onslaught of Instagram Reels and LinkedIn posts, many of us can relate to the struggle between work-life balance and the demands of corporate America. The very issue that corporations are griping about is of their own doing. In recent years, we've witnessed a major shift in the employment landscape. Companies, eager to cut costs and reduce headcounts, started outsourcing their workforce to 1099 contractors. This arrangement came with the promise of flexibility and the freedom to work when and where we choose. The shift also paved the way for many of us to now take on side hustles to make ends meet. It was a dream come true for many working caregivers who craved a better work-life integration. However, here's where things get tricky. While employers initially touted the benefits of this newfound freedom, some have started dictating the terms of where work takes place, even when it should be up to us as independent contractors (quite frankly all adults regardless of

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